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The Standard League Rate is $5.00* / Team for the entire 36 week NASCAR Cup Season.  This turns out to be less than 14 cents / team / week! The minimum league fee is $100 / league. FRZone offers a 4 week free trial to guarantee your your happiness with our service as well as a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your service .

For sample league formats, stats, standings please see our DEMO League. Commissioners have the option to customize almost every aspect of their league scoring, configuration, drivers.  FSN also lets you post your own league news, information, prizes and custom pictures.  For a detailed description of the allowable options please see our Fantasy Racing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Payment can be made via credit card or check when the 4 week trial has expired.  FSN will contact you and provide the payment details. If you already have your league signed up and wish to pay use the link provided in your league home page.

To Get your league signed up for the 4 week free trial please fill out the below form. Once your fill out the below form, your league participants can immediately start submitting their fantasy teams with the information provided in the confirmation email.

For more information on having Fantasy Racing Zone run your NASCAR Fantasy league please click here.

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